Speaker Development

Our Public Speaking Training Course is flexible and allows you to tailor your learning to suit your needs. Each meeting is self-contained, so it doesn't matter when you join the club. Our speaker development programme offers so much more than a typical training course. You will have our support and guidance for as long as you are a member of Bromsgrove Speakers Club.

Hannah's learned a terrific amount at Bromsgrove Speakers Club.

"I felt OK about public speaking, but envied those who could do it really well. I’ve learned a terrific amount and really improved."  Hannah

We place emphasis on confidence building and wider personal development. We have regular educational sessions, but mainly we learn by doing. The support and encouragement of fellow members is key, as is the advice and guidance offered by those with more experience. A public speaking training course sounds quite dry, but with us you'll have fun and a lot of laughs, as well as learning to communicate effectively in any situation.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is rather a grand term. In practice it is anything that’s a bit more than a conversation between two or three people. Our guidance will help you to develop all aspects of speaking to an audience, whatever its size. You will become a better all-round speaker so you are able to communicate effectively and confidently. Prepared speeches or presentations or speaking off-the-cuff, you will be in control.


Many people fire up PowerPoint as soon as the word ‘presentation’ is mentioned. Our Presentation guidance will make you a more effective presenter.  We’ll give you the confidence and the skills to make powerful presentations that work. And if you use visual aids, whether that’s PowerPoint or another format, you’ll learn to use them to good effect.

Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking fear, or glossophobia to give it its technical name, is common. Probably the majority of people who seek the help of a speakers’ club suffer apprehension to a greater or lesser degree when required to speak in public.

The good news is that it is possible to overcome our fears and to learn to speak confidently. In turn this will help with general confidence and self-esteem. Bromsgrove Speakers Club is friendly and welcoming. You will receive support and lots of encouragement from other members.

Start Learning

If you are interested in becoming a member, why not try a Taster Evening to find out how we could help you? Pop over to our Contact page to book an invitation.