Would YOU like to be a better speaker?

Develop Your Speaking Skills & Confidence With Us!

Speech, Presentation, Interview, Meeting. How did it go? Not as well as you'd hoped?

Would it help if you could deliver your message more confidently and skillfully?

Good news! Our structured learning and development programme is designed to build your speaking skills step by step. And it can be tailored to suit your specific needs and at your own pace.

"I joined Bromsgrove Speakers Club to enhance my skills and confidence in public speaking. I couldn’t believe how much I learnt within the first few weeks alone and how much fun I had in the process.Claire

If having fun while developing your speaking skills and confidence isn't enough, you could always try jumping out of an aeroplane!

Of course we help you learn the technical skills required when speaking to an audience. But we also place great emphasis on confidence building and wider personal development. We aim for a very friendly and supportive environment where you'll feel able to try things and not worry if they don't quite work out. And if you don't fancy jumping out of a plane, you can always take a helicopter ride!

“I struggled to hold attention and found people yawning in meetings. With the support of the club, I'm now varying my voice and have become a more interesting speaker.”  Mark N

Speaker Development Programme

Sounds a bit stuffy doesn't it? It's not like that. We're not like that.

Yes, there is a structure to how we help you. And we do have some formalities. But as one member said, "Another attraction of the meetings is that I will be guaranteed to laugh and learn something new."

Learning is what we aim for. We encourage members to try things and not worry about messing up. We'll offer guidance and advice on how to make it (even) better next time. You'll be amazed at how quickly you will develop if you join us.

Read more about how we help our members.

"Now, whatever the situation, I can stand up and talk in a lively and confident manner. I think it enabled me to get my dream job."  Anne

Business presentations, wedding speeches, social speaking, job interviews, greater confidence in front of an audience, whatever your needs, our speaker development programme will help you.

While Covid levels are so high, for the start of 2022 we have returned to Zoom meetings. If you have a serious interest in joining us when we return to physical meetings, why not try a virtual Taster Evening first? Pop over to our Contact page to book an invitation.  



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