Learn to love Public Speaking

Are you new to speaking and presenting?
Perhaps you are experienced but want to improve.
Or need confidence speaking to an audience.

Whatever your reason, we help you become a more confident and effective Speaker and Presenter

Public Speaking may sound very imposing, but it is just speaking more formally than conversational style. Regardless of audience size, many people are nervous, or even fearful, of speaking to them. We can help. You can spend a lot of money on one or two day public speaking courses. Or you can join us and receive continuing training and support in all aspects of public speaking and presenting for as long as you are a member.

Our aim is to help you to be the best speaker that you can be. Whether you need to develop confidence in front of an audience or to polish your technique, we are here to help. Our meetings are structured to help you to develop the ability to speak off the cuff as well as to deliver prepared speeches and presentations. We are professional in our approach but don't take ourselves too seriously.

So what's the difference between a talk, speech and presentation? Not much! A presentation usually has visual aids and may involve questions and answers. A speech is more reliant on the spoken word. A talk can be either and tends to be a bit less formal. With our help you will become an expert at all formats! Our public speaking training is at the heart of what we do. And we are also mindful that, in the business world, the ability present well is essential. Even job interviews will often require some form of presentation. Our presentation training addresses the need to be a skilled presenter.

Where, when and how you can join us ...

Find Us

Our home is the Barn meeting room at The Bell, near Belbroughton. It is situated by the only set of traffic lights on the A491 Bromsgrove – Hagley dual carriageway. Find Our Venue.

Meeting Dates

We meet on Tuesday evenings at 7.45 for a prompt start at 8.00pm. We finish around 10.00pm. See Meeting Dates.

Visit Us

Come along to one of our meetings for a taste of what we do. (Sometimes we have cake!) You will discover how we help you with all aspects of public speaking. You will receive a very warm welcome.

Read what some of our members are saying ...

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Mark N

"I have been speaking for years at work for training courses and presentations, but I couldn't hold people's attention. The taster sessions showed that Bromgrove Speakers Club are a welcoming and supportive group."


"I felt okay about public speaking, but envied those that could do it really well. At Bromsgrove Speakers Club, I’ve learned a terrific amount and really improved. My confidence has grown too."

Mark L

"Bromsgrove Speakers Club is a great group of people who help give you the tools to improve your public speaking skills. I will be giving a best man's speech later this year and have already noticed the difference in my confidence with public speaking."


"I used to feel incredibly nervous when speaking in public. I now feel confident when speaking out in front of a group of people or an audience. In fact, I actually enjoy it. This is thanks to all the support and experience I have gained at Bromsgrove Speakers Club."


"I joined because when I was called upon to speak in public, I got so nervous I found it difficult to get my words out. It's proven to be an incredibly supportive environment with a structured approach that would help anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills."

Now you've heard how we can help you, go ahead and ...

Public Speaking Fear

Still not sure about coming along? Many people are apprehensive about facing an audience. In fact, most would classify themselves as between nervous and terrified! If this is what's holding you back, read more about Public Speaking Fear and how we can help you.

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