Public Speaking Training

Public Speaking is a rather grand term. In practice it is anything that's a bit more than a conversation between two or three people. Our public speaking training programme will help you to develop all aspects of speaking to an audience, whatever its size. You will become a better all-round speaker so you are able to communicate effectively and confidently. Prepared speeches or presentations or speaking off the cuff, you will be in control.

Public Speaking Training Building Blocks

Our Public Speaking Training Programme

Becoming a good speaker is a matter of building skills and confidence, block by block. Our public speaking training programme will help you develop your skills and confidence by delivering short, prepared speeches. Each will focus on a particular aspect. For example, how you use your voice or the way you use body language. We refer to these building blocks as assignments. Each is reviewed by an experienced member, who will provide helpful feedback. Assignments can be tackled at your own pace.

When you become a member, you will receive a copy of The Speakers Guide. It contains information on all aspects of speaking. Included in it is information on our speaking assignments. It is the basis for our in-club training. You can see a list of assignments below.

Making A Start
Mean What You Say
Speech Construction
Body Language
Use of Voice
Vocab & Word Pictures
Using Notes
Using Humour
Audience Rapport
The Showpiece

The Impromptu Speech
Outside Assignment
Using Presentation Aids
Chairing Meetings
Delivering A Lecture
Business Presentations
An After Dinner Speech
The Written Speech
Speaking Without Notes

There are further assignment challenges available for experienced speakers

What does a typical evening look like at Bromsgrove Speakers Club?

Prepared Speeches or Presentations

At most meetings there will be two or three prepared speeches, normally of 6-8 minutes. These speeches provide the building blocks for speaker development. Each will focus on a particular aspect of speaking. Over time you will work through the various assignments that cover the main elements of a good speech. For each assignment you will receive feedback from an experienced club member. The emphasis will be on the strong points and also giving sensitive and constructive advice on opportunities for improvement. This educational aspect is for the benefit of everybody, not just the speaker. It is the key element in our public speaking training in Bromsgrove Speakers Club.

Impromptu Speaking

At most meetings we have an impromptu speaking session. We call it Topics. The person chairing will nominate a topic and call a member to the lectern. They then attempt to speak for two minutes with no preparation. Typically there will be seven or eight speakers in the Topics session. An evaluator reviews all of the speeches briefly, and again highlights strong points and opportunities to improve further. The Topics session provides invaluable learning, as it teaches us to be able to think and speak at the same time. Vital in meetings or job interviews!

Educational Sessions

We have regular educational sessions that address specific aspects of speaking and presenting. Often these will be of an interactive nature. Usually they will be facilitated by one or more experienced club member. But occasionally we invite members from other clubs to come along to share their experience.

To experience at first hand how we can help you to be a confident and effective speaker and presenter ...

What other skills can I develop at Bromsgrove Speakers Club?


As mentioned previously, evaluation and feedback is a key part of our public speaking training programme. It is how we help our members to develop confidence and technique. Being able to give constructive and encouraging feedback is important. We are helping speakers, but evaluation is a transferable skill. It can be used equally to support the development of employees or sports team members. We help our members to develop evaluation skills so that they may help others.

Meeting Chairing

You may have experience of chairing meetings already. But if you haven't, Bromsgrove Speakers Club is a great place to develop the skills and confidence to be an effective meeting chair. For most club evenings there are two chairing roles. We have an overall meeting chair and a Topics chair - the person who runs our impromptu speaking session. When you are ready, you will be offered the opportunity to chair, with guidance provided.  As with other roles, chairing skills have wider benefits.


We don't have a specific programme of leadership training in Bromsgrove Speakers Club. Nevertheless, by being an active club member you will develop leadership skills. Leaders provide direction and they encourage the development of others, helping them to achieve their full potential for the benefit of all. The club is always looking for people who provide leadership by getting involved, even if in a low-key way. We are members of the national Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC), which provides the opportunity to become involved beyond Bromsgrove Speakers Club. Find out more.

Presentation Training 

In addition to the skills addressed on this page, presentation training is a core activity in our programme. Find out more about our Presentation Training. 

Speaking Confidence

It is normal to be nervous when speaking to an audience. However, excessive nerves can hold you back. We can help you. Read more about Public Speaking Fear and how to overcome it.


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