Presentation Training

Don't send your audience to sleep!

Do you fire up PowerPoint as soon as the word 'presentation' is mentioned? You've probably heard the phrase, Death By PowerPoint. Quite a few of us will have experienced it. Some of us may even have been guilty of inflicting it! Our Presentation Training will make you a more effective presenter and help you to avoid sending your audience to sleep!

It is usually considered that a presentation is a speech that incorporates visual aids. It is more likely to include questions and answers at some point. The core building blocks to a great presentation are the same as for a speech. That's what our foundation assignments are all about - see Public Speaking Training.

Visual Aids

Our presentation training will give you the confidence and the skills to make powerful presentations. Presentations that work whatever the size of your audience. When you use visual aids, whether that's PowerPoint or another format, you'll learn to use them to good effect.

The clue is in the name. Most of us recall images better than words. Slides we use should have a visual impact and should be a genuine aid to our presentation. They should help our understanding of the subject and enhance our ability to recall the key elements of the presentation.


PowerPoint Presentation Training

Imagine giving a talk on clouds or weather or walks in the country.
How could you ever describe this sky with words alone?

And if discussing different means of travel to work, isn't this pie chart so much more effective than just quoting percentages?

PowerPoint Presentation Training

Presentation aids can be included for most speech assignments. However, we recommend they are left for the later ones. This is because we want our members to focus on the core elements of a speech initially. Later assignments include specific ones within the advanced assignment such as Using Presentation Aids or the Business Presentation.

From time to time we have educational presentations during a club evening. That includes ones that focus on the art of giving a presentation, including the effective use of PowerPoint. We also have what we have termed a PowerPointFest. Anyone who wants to have a go can try their hand at delivering a short presentation.

Presentation Training Questions & Answers

Q & A

Presentations often include question and answer sessions. In essence this is a form of impromptu speaking. Hopefully you know your subject but there's still the challenge of thinking on your feet and speaking at the same time. This is where our regular Topics impromptu speaking training is so beneficial as part of our overall presentation training. It prepares us for the unexpected and equips us with coping strategies. Or as someone termed it, "The ability to stand up, breath and speak. All at the same time."

Come along to see how we could help you become a better presenter.

This brief presentation by Sîan Jones makes some good points on the effective use of PowerPoint for presentations, if you want to do a little homework before visiting us.