Speaking Assignments

The speaking assignments shown below provide the building blocks for good speaking and presenting. They are the essence of our public speaking course. Club members usually work through the foundation assignments in the order shown. Once a member has demonstrated their all round ability as a speaker with the Showpiece assignment, they then progress to the advanced assignments. The advanced assignments can be tackled in any order and are usually selected to suit the speaker's personal requirements.

Public speaking training awards

Claire, Paul & Louise receive their Foundation Certificates for completing the first five assignments.

Foundation Assignments

Making A Start (Icebreaker)
Mean What You Say
Speech Construction
Using Gestures & Body Language
Using Your Voice Effectively
Vocabulary & Word Pictures
Using Notes
Using Humour
Audience Rapport
The Showpiece 

Advanced Assignments

The Impromptu Speech
The Outside Assignment
Using Presentation Aids
Chairing Meetings
Delivering A Lecture
Business Presentations
The After Dinner Speech
The Written Speech
Speaking Without Notes

There are further assignment challenges available for experienced speakers