Public Speaking Fear

Public speaking fear, or glossophobia to give it its technical name, is common. Nearly everyone is nervous to some degree when facing an audience. That can be a positive because it prevents us from becoming complacent. But when it becomes a major obstacle to career, business or social activities, it is a different matter. It can often stop people from achieving all they might. Are you one of them? If so, we can help you in a safe and supportive environment.

Speaking Confidently

Speaking confidently looks easy when you see someone else doing it. But for many people faced with the prospect of speaking in public, emotions range from anxiety to sheer terror. Perhaps public speaking is a rather misleading term. What we are talking about is speaking to any group of people, whatever the number, in any situation that goes beyond an informal conversation with family or friends. Context, comfort zone if you like, can have considerable bearing on how we react. Public speaking fear can have many different symptoms including a racing heart, sweating, feeling light-headed, difficulty in breathing, shaking, dry mouth and even nausea. If you feel like this you are far from alone. Probably the majority of people who seek the help of a speakers club suffer apprehension to a greater or lesser degree when required to speak in public. But it can be overcome or, at least, managed.

Why Are We Nervous?

What makes us so apprehensive of something that is not at all dangerous? Why is speaking confidently such a challenge? The most common reason that people give is that they don’t want to make a fool of themselves, to look stupid. This may be as a result of something previously  that hasn’t gone as well as we would have liked, which has undermined confidence. It may have its roots in some long forgotten incident, possibly in childhood. Or perhaps a lack of confidence in ourselves generally.

You Can Overcome Public Speaking Fear!

The good news is that it is possible to overcome our fears and to learn to speak confidently. In turn this will help with general confidence and self-esteem. Bromsgrove Speakers Club is friendly, welcoming and supportive. We operate in a structured and professional manner but aim to have a lot of fun along the way. You will receive support and encouragement from other members. Why not come along to see for yourself?