Public Speaking Training

Our Public Speaking Training programme is based on The Speakers Guide. You will be presented with a copy of The Guide when you become a member. It contains information on all aspects of speaking, presenting and running meetings. The core of our training programmes are the various assignments detailed in the Guide, which are outlined on the Speech Assignments page. These prepared speeches provide the building blocks for speaker development. In addition, from time to time we have educational sessions that address a variety of aspects of speaking and presenting. Often these will be of an interactive nature. We like to involve everyone at some point during a club evening. So what does a typical evening look like?

Prepared Speeches

At most meetings there will be two or three prepared speeches, normally of 6-8 minutes. Each of these speech assignments will focus on a particular aspect of speaking. Over time you will work through the assignments that cover the main elements that form the building blocks of a good speech. Each is evaluated by an experienced club member. The emphasis will be on the strong points and also giving sensitive and constructive advice on opportunities for improvement. This educational aspect is for the benefit of everybody, not just the speaker. It is the key element in our public speaking training in Bromsgrove Speakers Club.

Impromptu Speaking

During the second half of our meetings usually we have ‘Topics’ impromptu speaking. The person chairing will nominate a topic and call a member to the lectern. They then have to attempt to speak for two minutes with no preparation. Usually there will be seven or eight speakers in the Topics session. An evaluator reviews all of the speeches and again highlights strong points and opportunities to improve further. The Topics session provides invaluable learning, as it teaches us to be able to think and speak at the same time. Vital in meetings or job interviews!


The Speakers Guide provides guidance on all Speaking Assignments - the core of our Public Speaking Training programme.