Presentation Training

Do you fire up PowerPoint as soon as the word 'presentation' is mentioned? You've probably heard the phrase, Death By PowerPoint. Quite a few of us will have experienced it. Some of us may even have been guilty of inflicting it! Our Presentation Training will make you a more effective presenter.

With us you will gain the confidence and the skills to make powerful presentations whatever the size of your audience. And when you do use visual aids, whether that's PowerPoint or another format, you'll use them to good effect.

The presentation training in Bromsgrove Speakers Club has at its core the foundation speaking assignments common with our public speaking training programme. Presentation aids can be included for most assignments. And in the advanced section there are specific presentational assignments.

From time to time we will have educational presentations during a club evening that will focus on the art of giving a presentation. These will include the effective use of PowerPoint.

Q & A

Presentations are often followed by question and answer sessions. In essence this is a form of impromptu speaking. Hopefully we know our subject but there is still the challenge of thinking on our feet and speaking at the same time. This is where our regular Topics impromptu speaking training is so beneficial. It prepares us for the unexpected and equips us with coping strategies.

Presentation skills training to enable you to use PowerPoint effectively.

Don't be left with a blank screen! Develop your presentation skills without using PowerPoint as a crutch.