Our Leadership Training Programme

OK, hands up, we don't have a specific programme of leadership training in Bromsgrove Speakers Club! But by being an active club member you will develop leadership skills. There is a difference between a manager and a leader. Managers get things done, for better or for worse. Leaders provide direction and they encourage the development of others and help them to achieve their full potential for the benefit of all.

How You Become A Leader At Bromsgrove Speakers Club

A fundamental aspect of being a club member is that you support the development of other members. When you have acquired a degree of expertise as a speaker you will start to evaluate other speakers. This is the cornerstone of our speaker development programme. Giving feedback to a speaker that is encouraging and positive, while showing them how they could have improved the speech, is a real skill.

You are never just a member of our audience. Your presence can have a positive or negative influence on a speaker. By paying close attention and smiling or nodding in agreement with the speaker you can provide a real boost to confidence. Looking bored or glaring at the speaker can undermine them.

But even before the evening starts you can demonstrate leadership skills. A first time visitor turns up. What they need above all else is for someone to spot them the moment they walk in and to take them under their wing for the evening. Our leadership training in Bromsgrove Speakers Club starts with small steps!

Manager or Leader?

When you become more experienced you will start to chair meetings. A good meeting chairman will take overall charge of the evening and all that it entails. They will take responsibility for making sure that everyone enjoys the meeting and learns from it.

There will be opportunities to join the Bromsgrove Speakers Club committee and to help to ensure the continuing success of the club as somewhere that supports and encourages members to become better speakers, better presenters and better leaders.

A leader is someone who provides direction and drive when it is lacking but is happy to take a supporting and encouraging role when others take the initiative.

Your Next Leadership Steps?

The national Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC) is always on the lookout for leaders at Club, Area, District and National level. The sky's the limit! And so is your potential to be a leader! Why not book a taster evening with us to find out more?